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A great place to get an education

New Foundation Inc. provides a spirit filled educational experience in a Christ oriented environment. Our staff is dedicated to high academic standards and grounded in a biblical world view that celebrates the deity of the Lord Jesus Christ. NFTS has been providing a commitment to edification since September 4th, 1994 under the leadership of Dr. Robert L. West Jr. 

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Why is New Foundation Theological Seminary a great place to get an education?

Spirit filled education Instructors are spiritually lead Diversified students. Degree programs (Bachelor, Master, and Doctoral). Prepares you for leadership in vocational ministry.

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Applications for New Foundation Theological Seminary can be obtained via mail, phone call or picked up at the SEMINARY location.

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New Foundation Theological Seminary - Academic Policy


Requirements for graduation will concede to the curriculum for the degree sought. Any changes must be submitted to the Dean of Academics with final approval by the President.


All applicants will be required to meet the following criteria when applying to New Foundation Theological Seminary:

Bachelors Degree - New Foundation Theological Seminary

An official Diploma GED or, also an official copy of high school transcript.

Masters Degree - New Foundation Theological Seminary

A Bachelor’s degree is needed from an accredited educational institution.

Doctors Degree - New Foundation Theological Seminary

A Master’s degree is needed from an accredited educational institution; In addition the applicant may provide letters of recommendation.

All students will complete an application form. After evaluation of the application and the Life Experience Resume, by New Foundation Theological Seminary, additional credit may be granted by the governing body. This governing body will take into account the abiding components:

  1. Previous courses study in the related field of study.
  2. Past experience in the related field of study.
  3. Religious Bible Studies or Teacher Training.
  4. Meaningful life events, which can be related to the field of study.
  5. Any class training received from the National Baptist Convention USA or National Baptist Congress for Christian Education.
New Foundation Theological Seminary - Admission

Seminary DEGREES: 

You can receive a degree in the following:

  • Theology, Religion Education, Christian Counseling, Divinity.

The Degrees are Bachelor, Master, and Doctoral

A great place to get an education

If you want to go to school NFTS have made it possible for you. We have prices to fit your need. All classes are one night a week,