New Foundation Theological Seminary Bachelor Program – Curriculum

Homiletics I and II H-100 / H-200

A study of sermon preparation relating to plan arrangement, introduction, body, conclusions, and various types of sermons: Textual, Topical, Expository, and Doctrinal.

Christian Counseling I and II C-120 / C230

An introduction into Christian Counseling process and present the student with numerous issues, which may be encountered by the counselor.

Church Administration I and II A-140 / A-260

The Christian organization is examined from the standpoint of management principles of leadership and management.

Old and New Testament I and II O-160 / O-290

The student will learn about different types of prayers as well as explore and practice different ways to pray. Thus nurturing spiritual growth through daily discipline of prayer.

Pastoral Counseling I and II P-305 / P-405

This course is designed for pastors and ministers who desire to acquire the skills of counseling within their pastorate.

Ethics I and II E-325 / E-435

The rights, responsibilities, and problems of both students and teachers will be investigated and the student will generate possible insights.

Church History I and II C-345 / C-465

An in-depth look at the history of the church and its origin.

World Religion I and II W-355 / W-475

A Theological and Secular overview of religion around the world.

Basic Bible Review Project B-499

The student will complete a workbook and independent study course.

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